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A Primer on Lamb

Highfield Hollow Farm raises a high quality grass fed lamb that is guaranteed to please you, your family and guests. Buying one of our lambs, though, is different than buying a single cut of meat at a supermarket or farmerís market. Our existing customers know that because of state law, we can only sell whole or half lambs, and we cannot sell specific cuts or packages of chops, legs or stew. New customers, however, may never have bought meat the way it has been sold in rural areas for generations. It is our pleasure to introduce you to this traditional farm direct method, where you buy a lamb and we arrange for processing and delivery.

At Highfield Hollow Farm we raise and finish all our lambs. Since we are a small, family operated farm, there is only a limited supply, and it is seasonal. Our lambs are born in late winter and are available as small, 25-35 lb. lambs for the Easter season and in late summer through December as 110 lb. freezer lambs. We are not like large grocery chains that have access to an almost unlimited supply of whatever customers want on a year-round basis. Many of the lambs now growing this year are already reserved for our long-standing customers, so we may not be able to fill your order immediately. We will gladly place you on our waiting list, and will notify you when we have a lamb for you.

We make this traditional process of buying direct from the farm as easy as possible for our customers. You tell us your cutting preferences and we take it from there and deliver a box of custom cut frozen lamb to you.

A typical whole lamb is priced as follows:
A live weight of 110 pounds usually yields a 55-pound hanging weight. Our price is $3.50 per pound hanging weight so the cost is $192.50. Add a processing fee of $60.00. This results in a total cost of approximately $252.50.

For $252.50 you can expect about 32 lbs of freezer meat at an average price per pound of $7.89.

A more detailed explanation is:

Live weight 110
Less offal, pelt, etc. -55
Hanging weight total* 55
Hanging weight 55
Less waste, bone, & trimmings -23
Freezer meat total* 32
2 legs @ 6 lbs. 12
12 rib chops @ ľ lb. 3
12 loin chops @ ľ lb. 3
2 shoulder roasts @3.5 lbs. 7
Stew meat 1
Ground meat 4
Shanks 2
Freezer meat total* 32
*Final weight will vary, depending on custom cutting choices.

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